The Lodge Hilton Hotel

A Hilton Hotel nestled in Gulf State Park near Mobile, Alabama.

Studio Marnell created a fully custom WordPress theme for The Lodge at Gulf State Park in Mobile, Alabama.

Nestled in the beautiful Gulf State Park near Mobile, Alabama, is The Lodge at Gulf State Park, where visitors can enjoy an oceanside stroll, wildlife watching, or nearby dining and attractions.

Working Ryan Mikesell and Olivia McWhirter of ASO Advertising for design and creative direction, Studio Marnell provided front-end development. Studio Marnell also equipped The Lodge with WordPress CMS behind a fully custom theme that includes a reservation widget for seamless integration with the Hilton Hotels booking engine.

image description
image description

A hidden getaway with the booking functionality of a five-star hotel.

Maintaining the charm of a local hotel on the coast, we coded a custom booking widget on the website to connect directly with Hilton Hotel’s booking engine.

Dynamic Development equals Dynamic Movement.

From blown-out photos to dynamic hover-states, we built this website to be anything but a static experience. On every page elements appear on scroll, adding additional visibility to call-to-actions and continual movement, inviting the user to scroll further.


On desktop, we built a custom menu of easily-navigable options atop stunning photos, cleanly organizing the website into five sections. The colorful overlays and beautiful images of nature trails, dining experiences, and rooms allow the user to quickly visually navigate to more information, and, booking a room.


Along with incorporating natural and wildlife imagery into the site design, we built a custom Sustainable Tourism page featuring a set of interactive drawers opening on a click or touch, showcasing the hotel’s eco-tourism initiatives and adding value to the site with this informative, interactive experience.


The base of every page features an Instragram-esque scroll of stunning photos— further adding to the visual identity of a hidden getaway on the coast— and giving users every opportunity to see more of what this hotel has to offer, no matter what page of the site they’re currently on.


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