United Metal Fabricators

A modern website for a metal fabricator celebrating 75 years of excellence.

Studio Marnell designed and developed a new WordPress-based website for United Metal Fabricators based in Cleveland, Ohio.

As part of an overall rebranding project done in partnership with Kingery Design Co., the United Metal Fabricators site was designed to have a midcentury aesthetic and graphic elements that play on the company’s 75+ years performing metal and tube work for military, aerospace, defense, and chemical industries.

image description
image description

Large mobile navigation and stylish elements make this mobile experience.

Bold headlines, a large header and blown-out mobile navigation add to the functionality of the responsive mobile site with the user demographic in mind.

Quick, intuitive updates made possible with no coding knowledge required.

We built the site using the flexible content of Advanced Custom Fields to create a unique WordPress theme for United Metal Fabricators— allowing anyone to have a code-free, stress-free experience when making updates and changing site content.


A sticky header that shows only when the user is scrolling up doesn’t interfere with or diminish the user’s view while also giving them a quick, easy way to navigate the site without having to scroll to the top of the page.


One of the most stand-out elements of the website is the retro stamp element displayed across the site, styled to look like a turn-of-the century metal plate— from the loading splash page with the stamped logo and retro colors, to the overlaid ‘excellence for 75 years’ stamp on the homepage.


From call-to-action banners, to crispy, active imagery appearing on scroll, the site embodies action and movement— a perfect addition to a fabrication website. Capabilities and Materials pages offer a clean list of offerings, whose drawers pop open to reveal more information on a click or a touch.


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